About Stuff My Mom Forwards

A blog dedicated to my mom and her entertaining daily e-mail forwards.

FWD: Please Pass this on this onto everyone you know!

When I opened my first Yahoo! e-mail account, I remember how quickly my inbox would fill up with forwarded messages from friends & family.  Whether it was cute and funny animal pictures, jokes, home remedies, health & safety tips, viruses, hoaxes, scams, petitions, prayers, politics, religion, and everything in between, these spread around peoples inboxes like wild fire.  In true chain letter fashion these e-mails almost always seemed to end the same way: “You have 48 hours to pass it onto everyone you know or face the consequences (insert terrible situation, i.e. bad luck)”.

Never fear, my Mom saves the Lost Art of Forwarding!

Due to the rise of social media & smartphones (text\picture messaging), my inbox has seen a dramatic decline in forwards\FWD’s from my friends, but one woman continues to forward on. Since she learned how to turn on the computer my mother has continued to fill my inbox with her e-mails, thus keeping the Lost Art of Forwarding alive.  For everyone’s pleasure, I’ve designed this blog so it can serve as a searchable database of useful knowledge and entertainment for the entire world to see.

Mom’s Know Everything

When it comes to the validity of any claim or post, I’ll leave it to you the reader do decide whether it’s fact or fiction.  I personally go by what my Mom always told me growing up, “Mom’s know everything!”.

Besides knowing everything, my mother is a very loving wife, caring mother of 4, as well as many other titles, but we are extremely lucky and proud to say she is a Breast Cancer survivor.  Even though she  is still battling other forms of cancer, she always seems to have a smile on her face, go out of her way to help others, and of course send her love through her e-mail forwards.  Spread the Forwards!

Follow this blog now or you will face 7 years of bad luck!
Support Breast Cancer Research for Good Karma!

Breast cancer awareness

Dan Cheeseman
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